July 1, 2012

Perfect July 4th Nails

Happy First day of July!! Right around the corner is July 4th and I have found the perfect nail color to help you celebrate in style! 

This UV Light Soak- Off nail polish must be cured with a UV light. It is basically the same thing as "Shellac" that you see in salons but the cheap E-Bay version I found.

I think this is the perfect nail color for the 4th because it is a beautiful shade of red most of the time, but has flashy blue sparkles when the sun light shines on it just right. Fireworks for your nails?!

Interested? Here it is on E-Bay. Be sure to order number 093. The sparkles look purple in their photo, but they really are blue.  Also, my sister, mother, and I got the UV Light and Kit at amazon.com. We use it often and our nail polish stays on for 2-3 weeks. It really is worth the splurge!