July 31, 2012

Christmas in July: Ceramics

Stephanie, Krista, and I had a crafty girls date early in July. We met for a quick dinner at a local deli and then headed to The Firehouse, a local ceramics studio. I painted a Christmas ornament for one of the many weddings that I have left this season. Krista painted a maple leaf candy dish and Stephanie painted a beautiful pink and blue spotted vase.

My ornament before paint.

Maple leaf before paint.

Krista painting her dish.

Doesn't this color just look like a burnt leaf?

Marissa painting her ornament.

Stephanie painting her vase.

Adding holly leaves.

All set for one lucky couple!

Marissa and Stephanie with their pieces painted.

Krista with her painted piece.
It took a few weeks for our pieces to be fired and ready for us to pick them up. We were glad for another opportunity to meet up for girl time. I live for quality time with these ladies!
Finished ornament.

Stephanie and Krista with their finished pieces.

Stephanie and I with our finished pieces.