July 9, 2012

Jersey Refashion

As I mentioned last Monday, Paul and I are on a Monday evening rec. softball league. I love playing, but I didn't love my "jersey."
Marissa (in original jersey) and Paul.
I have seen a lot of people online use fitted t-shirts that they like as patterns so I decided to give it a try. Since I had so much extra material I also decided to shape the bottom of my jersey like a traditional baseball jersey. I used sewing chalk to trace my fitted t-shirt as well as the shirt tails from another blouse, plus 3/4" for the seam allowance. However, if you don't have a blouse that is rounded at the bottom you could easily fold the shirt in half length wise and trace a wide bowl.
Original t-shirt.

Fitted t-shirt pattern.

Rounded shirt tails.

Chalked cutting lines.

Chalk outline.
 Then I cut along the chalk lines, turned the t-shirt "inside out" so the right sides were together, and pinned and sewed up the side seams. Finally I hemmed the bottom of the t-shirt and sleeve arms. I decided to leave the sleeves longer, again to resemble a real baseball jersey. My jersey turned out a little bit tighter than I would have liked. If I do this again I would leave at least 1-2" for the seam allowance instead of just 3/4". Remember to use a stretch stitch and ball point needle for sewing on knits!
Cut out jersey material.

Pinned side seams.

Wearing the finished product!