July 24, 2012

Like daughter, like mother...

I was so inspired by Marissa's floral dress re-do here that I just had to make my own version.
I found this beautiful coral tee shirt that was super soft and a nice fit. I paired it up with this men's large polo. I knew that I would have more than enough fabric.

Because Marissa is frugal she had saved the bottom of her tee shirt from her dress re-do so I planned on using that for the middle band of color.
Marissa and I sort of "mocked" up what we wanted the end result to look like.

I am so short that we decided it would be most attractive to have a higher than natural waist, band of solid color.

Marissa is giving me some good advise.

Here is what the finished product looks like. It is really comfortable to wear and easy to care for. I wore it for the first time to a baby shower of a dear niece that will be having her baby girl in August.

I found that the vee in the neck of the tee shirt was a little too low for me to feel comforable. I used one of the sleeves to create a small accent in the vee for better coverage.

I have a little more gathering/puckering where the solid black joins the other two colors than I would like. That is because I pulled ever so slightly while I was sewing. This is a bad habit that I developed years ago. So here is my word to the wise. DO NOT try to pull your fabric even a little bit while you are sewing. You might get away with it on wovens but not on knit.  (Do you see my finger wagging?)
What do you think I might have done with the bottom of MY tee shirt after this refashion?