May 20, 2012

Floral Dress Re-Do

My mother, sister, and I were all able to enjoy Mother's Day together, just the three of us, which hardly ever happens any more. We spent the whole day doing girly things, like shopping and crafting!

While at Goodwill I found this dress with a vibrant floral print and great skirt detail. However, it was a little too busy and a little too roomy in the top for my taste.
Dress before.

Skirt detail.
I saw a lot of potential in the bottom portion of the dress so I decided to buy it for a dress re-do. Once I got home I cut the top of the dress off above the waist band. (You should do this one layer at a time so not to cut into the waist band on the lower, unseen layer.) The waist band was flat in the front and elastic in the back, making it perfect for the dress I have in mind!
Cut dress.
I have seen so many cute dresses with black tops and bright floral bottoms that I decided to do the same with my re-do. I found an old black t-shirt in my closet and tried it on with the dress bottom. Once I had the faux skirt at my natural waiste I pinned the shirt to remember the finished location. I chalked this line to sew along. Then I measured one inch below and used my rotary cutter to make a straight cut.
Measuring shirt.
With right sides together I pinned the shirt chalk line to the edge of the faux skirt waist band and sewed the two together as close as possible to the waist band. You could also serge the two layers together at this point for a stronger, longer lasting product.
Skirt and shirt pinned together.

Sewing the two layers together.
Ta-Da, the finished product! And the whole project only cost me $3.69 plus tax since I already owned the other supplies.

Similar dress style, Forever 21.