January 31, 2013

Thrifty Christmas

Have I mentioned recently how EPIC my in-laws are? Well just in case I haven't, let's talk about it again.


They gave me some cash for Christmas, along with far too many gifts, and I quickly spent it all at the local Goodwill building my wardrobe. Check out my finds!

Maroon H&M Argyle Sweater 

Navy Vintage Nautical Skirt

Navy and White Pinstripe Slacks

Navy and White Leather Loafers

Brown Strapping High Heels
I purchased these last three items at the same time and plan to given them a few tweaks. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!
Black and White H&M Woven Slacks

Navy and White Vintage Sweater 

Royal Blue Tommy Hilfiger Blazer

January 25, 2013

Homemade Heating Pad

With the bitter cold temperatures and early flu season, how have you been staying warm this week? One thing I couldn't have done without this week was my homemade heating pad. And it will only take you about 30 minutes to make one for yourself!

All you will need is:

  1. A small piece of upholstery fabric (I bought "outdated" remnants very inexpensively from a local furniture store) 
  2. Matching thread
  3. Dried rice or split peas
  4. Sewing machine

To make heating pad:

  1. Cut 22 inches x 8.5 inches of material.
  2. Fold the material in half "hot dog style," which is what my elementary art teacher called folding it long ways.

  3. Sew up one bottom and side edge.
  4. Fill bag approximately 3/4 full.
  5. Fold remaining material over and top stitch close.
My Heating Pads!

January 21, 2013

Blogs & Etsy Shops I Heart

Every so often when I peruse my Google Reader and Etsy Favorites I always love what these ladies have to share.

Kate at The Small Things Blog (clearly a blog) is an amazing stylist that I'm sure any of you on Pinterest have already seen. I love that she has the same length and thickness of hair that I have and her instructions are EASY TO FOLLOW!

Whitney at Elm Street Life (blog) and Brighter Day (Etsy) is a breath of fresh air that I also came across on pinterest. I love seeing the new crafts she posts about and greatly admire her personal business. Did I mention that on top of it all she's also a new mom? Amazing lady.

Anna at DesiringJoy (Etsy) makes wonderful products and I was the lucky recipient of one of her beautiful paisley scarves for a Christmas gift. I seriously wear it every other day.

And best thing about these ladies is that they are all talented young Christian women. Isn't it amazing how we are blessed with different talents?! Please share some of your favorite bloggers and Etsy shops with me. I'm always looking for inspiration.

*Please note that these are my personal opinions and that opinions were not solicited by the individuals mentioned.

January 19, 2013

Blog Love

I am SO excited to be participating in the Valentine Blogging Party, hosted by some of my most favorite bloggers, and exchanging gifts! Once I receive my package from Moments In Time I will share it with you all.
Do you blog? You can join too!

January 13, 2013

A Fresh Start

Have any of you made New Years resolutions?

I would like to finish my "read the Bible in a year" plan which I started... ahem... a few years ago. I would also like to eat healthier, be a better wife and friend, build my Etsy shop, etc., etc. When I started thinking about everything that I wanted to do I became overwhelmed with the laundry list.

That's why I have been especially inspired by my pastor's January sermon series: A Fresh Start. In this series Pastor Steve has been analyzing Biblical people that were given a clear and fresh start in their lives. I was especially motivated after reviewing Job's life story. I can't imagine losing EVERYTHING that I valued and still worshiping the Lord without question. Kind of puts my "New Years resolutions" in perspective.

You can listen to the first sermon in the series here.

January 10, 2013

Quilted Baby Blanket

I have recently been invited to a few baby showers and wanted to make something memorable and inexpensive so I immediately turned to my sewing machine!

My mother had this adorable Precious Moments pre-quilted  baby material and I decided to turn it into a baby quilt. All I had to purchase was some satin blanket binding and matching thread. Thankfully I also had my JoAnn's coupons handy!


Before this project I had never sewn binding onto a blanket, so I did a quick Google search a found a YouTube video about "How to sew satin binding on a blanket" which I found to be very helpful! In total the project cost me under $10 and took about 30 minutes. SCORE!

Front; After

Back; After

Goodnight little piggy!

January 5, 2013

Flannel and Pearls

I have been having a slight love affair with my flannel and pearls. As you can tell my straightener wasn't invited...