October 28, 2012

Cloth Baby Diapers

Butterfly Diaper

Soaker and Butterfly Diaper

Aren't these the cutest things! Last Saturday the women at our church had a sewing bee to make eco-friendly cloth diapers for a mother-to-be in our church. Together we made her a variety of cloth diapers and showered her with them today. (Sadly, I have only completed some of my allotment and I have quite a few more to go before baby arrives!)


October 19, 2012

Infinity Scarf with a Friend

I spent today with one of my best girlfriends Kristen. We went SHOPPING at JoAnn's, found great fabric ON SALE, and learned how to use her sewing machine. Then we made these FABULOUS infinity scarves, which makes sense because I found the tutorial on Fab You Bliss!

Kristen & Marissa
Loving the look!
What crafts have you been enjoying this fall?

October 18, 2012

My Pretty Pink Peplum

Hey Y'all, remember this purty little number? I found it at a thrift shop and made a yoga skirt out of the bottom portion earlier this summer. Since I still had the whole top portion I decided to make a peplum top out of it!
Dress before.
Little extra in the top portion...
Pink Yoga Skirt
I looked at this peplum top for inspiration.
To begin with I put the dress on inside out and pinned in the side seam and arms until I liked them, which was about an inch on each side. Once the sleeves and sides were evenly pinned I stitched them down. It is important to note here that if you are sewing on a knit that it is very important to use a stretch stitch and knit needle.
Taking in the top portion.
Sewing side seams.
Because the dress was far too large for me originally the waist was still quite low. I wanted my top to look more fitted but wasn't willing to tear out the elastic from the lower waist, SO I decided to take up the waist in the middle of the blouse like the example I was following.
Next I cut off the bottom of the dress to turn it into a top, higher in the front and lower in the back like is the current trend. I also added two darts to the top to make it even more fitted, after basting the seams.
My finished product!
Love how it turned out.

October 12, 2012

Sew Help Me by Marissa

Today I opened my Etsy shop Sew Help Me by Marissa! I am SO excited to have a few bridal veils and accessories currently listed there. You all know how many veils I have been making recently!

Please stay toned for additional items.

Consignment Shopping!

Today I stopped by Upscale Resale, one of the local consignment shops, where I sell clothes I don't wear anymore and found these great items. My original bill was a little over $18 for all three items, but since I had sold over $5 of my own clothing items I ended up only paying about $13. If you don't shop at consignment stores you definitely need to start!

Black Cardi - Banana Republic $10
Navy Blue Top - GAP $3.99 (Already have in fuscia and LOVE it!)
Coral Wallet - $4.99 and 25% off
Yeah Red Tag!

October 5, 2012

Farewell Summer

Well, I think it is fair to say that summer is on its way out, but before I could say good-bye I had to make this one last post.

These glasses were my Aunts and headed into the garbage when I saved them! How fun and vintage! They are light weight, a fun shape, and free. Does it get better?

Adios, Summer. I'll be dreaming of you when the snow is up to my giggy. 

October 1, 2012

Wedding Veil Series: Double Layer Dazzling Veil

I love Paul's cousin Bree and was ecstatic to make her wedding veil, a double layer veil edged with rhinestones. I hand sewed the rhinestone trim onto the veil and, similar to my wedding veil, added elastic loops to slip over the decorative comb's teeth so the veil could be removed at the reception.

Bree and her husband had a gorgeous day and we were happy to be a part!

Photographer: Bujack Productions
Photographer: Shots by Josh