October 18, 2012

My Pretty Pink Peplum

Hey Y'all, remember this purty little number? I found it at a thrift shop and made a yoga skirt out of the bottom portion earlier this summer. Since I still had the whole top portion I decided to make a peplum top out of it!
Dress before.
Little extra in the top portion...
Pink Yoga Skirt
I looked at this peplum top for inspiration.
To begin with I put the dress on inside out and pinned in the side seam and arms until I liked them, which was about an inch on each side. Once the sleeves and sides were evenly pinned I stitched them down. It is important to note here that if you are sewing on a knit that it is very important to use a stretch stitch and knit needle.
Taking in the top portion.
Sewing side seams.
Because the dress was far too large for me originally the waist was still quite low. I wanted my top to look more fitted but wasn't willing to tear out the elastic from the lower waist, SO I decided to take up the waist in the middle of the blouse like the example I was following.
Next I cut off the bottom of the dress to turn it into a top, higher in the front and lower in the back like is the current trend. I also added two darts to the top to make it even more fitted, after basting the seams.
My finished product!
Love how it turned out.