June 30, 2012

Hot Pink Polka Dot Dress Refashion

Today I FINALLY had the time to refashion one of my free store finds! I starter with the dress since I wanted to wear it to church. I love the color of the material and it was in great shape, plus there was a lot of material to work with.


I decided to turn the dress into a cute yoga skirt I saw on Pinterest because it was too busy for my tastes as one solid piece and a knit. The instructions, from Sew Mama Sew, were VERY helpful and easy to follow, however, she forgot the mention that you should use a stretch stitch and ball point needle when sewing on knits. (In a lapse of judgement I also forgot this and have had to resew a few seams already!)

The major difference with my yoga skirt was that it was a refashion. I wanted to make the best use of the fabric so I cut my skirt and yoga waist band from the very bottom, fullest part of the skirt. I was strategic so that I could use the existing hem and side seams. TIME SAVER!

Measuring the skirt length.

Cutting the skirt.

Cutting the waist band.



Contrast: It does a photo good.

June 26, 2012

Free Store Finds

A few weekends ago my friends Heidi, April, and I had a garage sale and it was a HUGE success. However, like any garage sale we had a few things left over at the end. We decided to take our extra things to our local "Open Door Free Store." The Free Store is a ministry of a local church where people can literally donate anything and take anything else they want - completely FREE! Needless to say, when Heidi and I dropped off our extra garage sale things we found a few things we couldn't live without. I found a pink jersey knit dress and a vintage clutch. Stay tuned to see how crafty I can be with my finds!

June 24, 2012


Small Plant Stand

Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free
Ok you are supposed to be hearing that in Christopher Cross voice to the song from the seventies.

My version:
Sale-ing takes me away where I've always heard it could be
the dream that I have wanted it to be
And soon it will be free.

Well these weren't quite free, almose though.

That sweet little plant stand was TWO DOLLARS!!! at a local garage sale that I happened upon. I couldn't find anything wrong with it, and it clearly needed me, so a new relationship was started.  Now I have to wait to see what it will become.....

Unique Collection
Now this group was quite a special gathering. I usually make only lye soap, so I never think about the melt and pour glycerine soap. When I found this nearly full box of soap and this soap mold together I thought that I was clearly supposed to have them. The bay leaves are already on my mind for a future project and post that I am currently working on. That stamp set was really calling to me because I have recently been to a stamp camp that had some super nice cards that I would like to re-create. So many things that I want to "get crafty" with.  Sale-ing..

June 23, 2012

Birdcage Veil Accessories

Many birdcage veils are beautiful without any adornment, but if you're looking to make your birdcage veil a little more trendy a floral hair accessory at the base of the veil can be just what you're looking for. I had a lot of fun making this rose and feather hair accessory!

June 22, 2012

Wedding Veil Series: Birdcage Veil

After trying my hand at a mid-length veil with a blusher I decided to try my hand at a birdcage veil. I was very torn between the traditional veil and this hip/trendy veil when deciding what to wear at my own wedding because the birdcage veil is so beautiful!

Birdcage Veil

Here is the tutorial I used from The Dapper Bun. Which of these veils do you like best?

June 19, 2012

Father's Day Tag

Dogwood Tag

We wanted to give Mark a pink Dogwood tree for Father's Day, but it is too late in the season for planting now. The tree will do a lot better if we wait till closer to the time that it will be dormant before we plant it. We decided to give him a gift certificate for a dogwood tree for his gift. I started the tag by adding a layer of blue Kaleidacolor ink onto photo paper with a brayer. Just load the brayer really well with the ink and apply to the photo paper with multiple back and forth motions. This technique can leave fairly sharp edges to the color or they can be blended to a very subtle variation. I used very sharp edges to the color here. Next comes the dogwood bloom. I punched four heart punches from pink paper (because Mark wants a pink tree) I punched into the center of the heart with a label punch to mimic the shape of a real dogwood bloom. I sponged a little with pink ink at the edge of the bloom to give it some texture. I punched a small bloom from a scrap of yellow paper for the center, then  I punched two more hearts from green paper and cut them in half to create the leaves. I adhered the flower to the edge of the tag and added the loop at the top of the tag that I created from the curvy label punch. added an islet to attach it to the tag.  I used sticker letters in some crazy font that I had on hand. I liked the little touch of whimsy that they added. Mark is looking forward to planting the tree in the fall.

June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

 Here are two of the cards that I made for Father's Day. We are blessed to have both of our fathers still alive. They have been important influences in our childrens lives as well as wonderful fathers to Mark and I. Thanks Dad!

Both cards are created with a single layer of a blue paper, layered onto a white A2 card.  The white stars are punched out and glued to the blue paper before it was run through the Big Shot with Stampin Up Square Lattice Textured Impressions embossing folder. That process really adhears the papers together. The red star is a relief punch in the blue with the red paper peeking through the punch. The tags were simple layers of red and white paper. This is a "go-to" card layout for me. Changing the colors and punches makes a completely different card.
I have one other card to share with you soon.

June 15, 2012

Wedding Veil Series: Mid-length Veil with Blusher

I have had the pleasure of making three wedding veils in the last year to help my friends (and myself) cut a few corners on wedding costs. 

The first veil I made was a mid-length veil with a blusher, for my own wedding! I was especially proud of myself because I borrowed a beautiful comb from my friend and brides-maiden, Stephanie, that she wore on her wedding day. I wanted to wear the comb to the reception without the veil. In order to do this I made elastic loops to slip the comb teeth through. All I had to do to take the veil off was take out the comb, slip off the veil, and replace the comb.

Two views of my wedding veil below.
My father and Me.

Me, Dr. Patton, and Paul.

Me and Paul.

June 6, 2012

Girl's Apron

I LOVE this craft because it is ADORABLE, INEXPENSIVE, and QUICK. I also love it because I had a few when I was a little girl!

For this craft you'll need:
  • Half of a decorative towel
  • One hot pad
  • Two yards of grosgrain ribbon
  • Sewing machine or thread and needle
You may want to make two of these aprons at the same time to use both halves of the decorative towel. For sisters I suggest using coordinating hot pads and different color ribbon for each apron so the girl's can tell the aprons apart. Can you tell I have a sister?!

Towel, Hot Pad, and Ribbon
To begin cut the decorative towel in half. Use a large stitch to sew a gathering thread along the top of the towel half, where you made the cute. Pull the gathering thread until the towel is the same width as the bottom of the hot pad. Then sew towel to bottom of hot pad.

Gathering towel.
Sewing towel to bottom of hot pad.

Next, sew one piece of ribbon, about 20" in length, to the top of the hot pad along outer sides. This loop will serve as the "neck hole." Cut remaining ribbon in half and sew one piece to the lower left side and one piece to the lower right side of the hot pad.
Sewing ribbon for "neck loop."

Finished apron!
Back of apron.
Gracie modeling the apron.

Isn't she adorable!

June 1, 2012

Ceramic Stamping

Happy June! For Paul and I June means A LOT of weddings. Being newly-weds ourselves we appreciated all of the thoughtful gifts we were given and want to give equally as nice gifts, on a budget. I especially liked our "Mr. & Mrs." mugs from the Family Christian Store and wanted to learn how to replicate them for gifts.

For this inexpensive wedding gift you will need:
  • White coffee mugs,which can be purchased almost anywhere
  • Jet Black Staz On
  • Heat Setter
  • "Together Forever" Stampin' Up stamp set.
Literally ALL I did for this craft was stamp the phrase onto the mug and set it with a craft heat setter. Don't worry if your stamp smudges a little, you can wipe the mug clean with a damp paper towel until you set it!