June 6, 2012

Girl's Apron

I LOVE this craft because it is ADORABLE, INEXPENSIVE, and QUICK. I also love it because I had a few when I was a little girl!

For this craft you'll need:
  • Half of a decorative towel
  • One hot pad
  • Two yards of grosgrain ribbon
  • Sewing machine or thread and needle
You may want to make two of these aprons at the same time to use both halves of the decorative towel. For sisters I suggest using coordinating hot pads and different color ribbon for each apron so the girl's can tell the aprons apart. Can you tell I have a sister?!

Towel, Hot Pad, and Ribbon
To begin cut the decorative towel in half. Use a large stitch to sew a gathering thread along the top of the towel half, where you made the cute. Pull the gathering thread until the towel is the same width as the bottom of the hot pad. Then sew towel to bottom of hot pad.

Gathering towel.
Sewing towel to bottom of hot pad.

Next, sew one piece of ribbon, about 20" in length, to the top of the hot pad along outer sides. This loop will serve as the "neck hole." Cut remaining ribbon in half and sew one piece to the lower left side and one piece to the lower right side of the hot pad.
Sewing ribbon for "neck loop."

Finished apron!
Back of apron.
Gracie modeling the apron.

Isn't she adorable!