June 15, 2012

Wedding Veil Series: Mid-length Veil with Blusher

I have had the pleasure of making three wedding veils in the last year to help my friends (and myself) cut a few corners on wedding costs. 

The first veil I made was a mid-length veil with a blusher, for my own wedding! I was especially proud of myself because I borrowed a beautiful comb from my friend and brides-maiden, Stephanie, that she wore on her wedding day. I wanted to wear the comb to the reception without the veil. In order to do this I made elastic loops to slip the comb teeth through. All I had to do to take the veil off was take out the comb, slip off the veil, and replace the comb.

Two views of my wedding veil below.
My father and Me.

Me, Dr. Patton, and Paul.

Me and Paul.