July 20, 2013

Poppin' Tags

Last month my mother-in-law and I tried to go garage sale-ing. Other than the good company it was a complete and total bust. Even though we started early on Saturday most sales in her area ran Thursday thru Friday (who exactly do they think has money and the time to shop on a weekday morning?) and it started to rain (the sure end to any good sale-ing).

But don't fear, my thrifty mother-in-law knew of an (in door) church rummage sale. And it was BAG DAY since it was the last day of the sale. We started sharing one bag but ended up needing a few which was a steal at $5/bag! I came home with three dresses including the one below that you previously saw in my neon floral dress re-do, a red floral dress that needed a little bit of mending, and a gorgeous chocolate velvet evening dress.
Neon Floral Dress - Before

Neon Floral Dress - After

Red Floral Dress - Express

Red Floral Dress Bust - Express

Chocolate Velvet Evening Dress with Rhinestone Trim - Front

Chocolate Velvet Evening Dress with Rhinestone Trim - Back

Chocolate Velvet Evening Dress with Rhinestone Trim - Back Cut Out
Since I will be moving soon I also took the opportunity to check the local Goodwill one last time. There I found I cute tennis skirt (if I have one I'll start playing, right?), a pair of gray flats, and a pair of white high heel sandals. Love my finds!

Black Tennis Skirt - Fils

Gray Flats - TJ Maxx

White High Heels Sandals