July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day

I have been seeing wreaths on Pintrest and in magazines with "poofy" net that I think are very attractive. I am  not willing to spend money for the net so I have created a crafty way to get a similar look with what I already have available.

Here I am back at it with  recycling the red net that fruit and onions come in. I think that stuff is indestructible and I don't want it in a landfill, so I find creative ways to use it. This is one example, and I have used it other ways in the past. You can see one way here.

I started my wreath with a pile of red net. It isn't all the same shade of red or same texture so I will be aware of that in construction and mix the color and texture for the most pleasing look. The frame of the wreath is the wire rack that sits down inside of the water bath to hold your canning jars when you are home canning.

I trimmed both ends of the net to get rid of any stitching or paper tags. I was left with a tube shape of net. I gathered that together like you would a sock before you put it on your foot. I slipped a small piece of wire through and attached it to the frame and just kept adding till I was out of net. One tip my crafty dad taught me was to make a small hook at one end of your wire before you try to attach it. That makes the joining process much simpler.

 I found this little item at a local tag sale and knew it was going to be crafted soon enough. Well today was the day.Good price don't you think?

To finish the wreath I added the flag front and center, and nestled some sparklers into the net for added interest.  I was pleased with the look and the final product. If you are feeling crafty and would like to try another patriotic craft you might like this one, or this one.