July 4, 2013

Sparkler Safety

Hello again. I am going to take time to be a bit of a mom. Our family has loved sparklers for at least three generations. I am sure there are many out there that can say the same. My crafty mother was always concerned about the safety of her little ones once the sparkler was spent. We always were barefoot,  that is the freedom of  summer. To keep us safe before we started with the sparklers she always had a recycled/re-purposed glass jar set out. We were instructed to drop the hot wire into that jar when our sparkler went out. She had a lot more fun with her kids not wondering who was going to get burned on those crazy hot wires. Thanks mom for that safety tradition.

Now I know you are wondering about this one. My older sister has a special needs daughter. That daughter loves sparklers, but instinctively knows that you should not have fire that close to your hand and won't touch them once they are lit. In order to fix that problem my crafty older sister sticks the unlit sparkler into an old corn cob then proceeds to light it. (Can we say farm crafty?) The corn cob is long enough so that the fire isn't too close and it acts as an insulator against any heat that might scare her daughter. 

This is the suburban adaptation of the corn cob. I chose a cork and a glass jar combo to emulate the corn cob theory. Any jar/cork combo will work. Look around your home and think outside the box. 
Be safe and have a spark-lie summer.