July 16, 2013

Another Two-fer

 This story starts with a garage sale FREEBIE. The best price evah! We were ready to leave a garage sale when I spotted a free chandelier. I remembered having seen a Pintrest post about using the globes in your garden so I grabbed it up. My husband no longer asks questions. He just prepares to be amazed later on.

You can see it was a very 1970's type thing and just needed some love.

I removed the globes from the chandelier and inserted skinny solar lights. If you look really closely you can see that I needed to choose the next size smaller light. I really like the effect in the garden at night. It is so hard to get a good photo at night you will just have to trust me on that one. That process must have taken a minute or two. Seriously, you put the globe where you want it and insert solar light stake and attach solar light. Done.

Well of course that left the metal part of the frame and  no left overs can go to waste so.... I had to start turning the rest of it into something. Then my memory kicked in of another Pintrest post. I didn't repin those posts because I didn't think I would ever actually do them. Sorry I can't link back to those original ideas.

 I took all of the electrical fixtures and electric wires out of the lamp. Then I turned the whole thing upside down so that it set flat on a table.

I painted the entire piece silver. I chose the Hammered Silver paint because I thought it would help cover any of the little blemishes that the lamp's original paint might have. I was very pleased with the results. When the paint was dry I wiped some gel stain over it to give it an appearance of age. I added votive cups and candles and have a new center piece. I enjoy getting crafty with free items and using what I have on hand at home to create something new.