June 16, 2013

Neon Floral Dress Re-Do

Yesterday I went thrifting with my mother-in-law and we found the SALE OF ALL SALES! It was the final day of a church rummage sale and everything you could fit into a paper bag was ONLY $5. I picked up this vintage teal floral dress because I loved the print, the vibrant colors, and knew that I could quickly and easily update it. 

YEAH! It has pockets. :)

Later shoulder pads, sleeves, and length!
For this alteration I first took out the shoulder pads, took off the sleeves, and cut the dress length to just below my knee. Then I sewed the arms-eyes closed and hemmed the bottom of the dress. After a quick press I was ready to go to a family party!

This vibrant, neon dress was a trendy addition to my wardrobe and one that I would not have done without a cost saving re-fashion!