June 23, 2013

Pinterest Buster: Shower Head Cleaner

Have you ever gotten in your shower only to have difficulty getting wet? Well that was my problem and I was at my wit's end until I found a great pin from A Real-Life Housewife with just the fix!

Shower stream before.
Supplies needed.
 All I needed was vinegar, a baggy, and a rubberband. I filled the baggy with about 3/4 cup of vinegar and rubberbanded it over the shower head making sure the shower head was completely submerged in vinegar.

I left the shower head submerged in the vinegar for eight hours and was AMAZED at the amount of rust and calcium that had fallen to the bottom of the bag.

Now I have a wonderful stream and my shower head is sparkling clean! One thing I have been learning from Pinterest cleaning pins is that I should always have vinegar on hand when I'm cleaning. I have also used it to clean my microwave and Krista used it in a weed killer.