May 5, 2013

Pinterest Busters: Microwave Cleaner

Honestly, my microwave isn't usually this dirty. I swear! But I do LOVE baked beans and I had a little incident recently when I tried to re-heat some in the microwave.

I didn't even take any "artistic license" here. The bean on the counter top actually jumped out of the microwave because it was so dirty.

Thankfully I spend a fair, ahem, amount of time on Pinterest and remembered a "How To Clean Your Microwave" pin that I had on my cleaning board. I quickly followed the directions, microwaving a water and vinegar solution for five minutes and then wiping down the microwave. I had to microwaved the solution for twice as long as the directions called for and still needed a fair amount of elbow grease. However I was happy with the outcome and glad to have used a safe cleaner for my microwave. I eat things out of there!

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