May 4, 2013

Pallet Craft with My Pal

I spent last Saturday with my pal Stephanie and she had a fun pallet project planned for us, which was PERFECT because it was the first really warm day of the season and we were happy to spend our time outside.

Stephanie had seen a variety of pallet home decor. on Pinterest and wanted to make one of her own. Thankfully her husband has access to pallets, a circular saw, and a super willing spirit. What a sweet guy!

Once Cody had the pallet cut down for us we painted the corners a few other edges with black paint to show through once we sanded a bit of the top coat off. In order to protect the black paint we covered the paint with Crisco before painting the whole pallet cream.

After the whole thing was painted cream, front and back, we began to sand off the cream paint in the corners and on the edges where we had painted black underneath the Crisco to create a distressed/vintage look.

With all of the sanding done was wiped the dust off the pallet with a rag and sketched the Bible verse Stephanie wanted to paint.

Stephanie had to paint quickly because the sun was drying it as soon as she could get it on the pallet!

Wonder-Man Cody came to the rescue again and helped Stephanie hang her finished project, which apparently was no small task. I can't wait until I have a home and can do fun projects like this!