December 25, 2012

Antique Button Bracelet

Each Christmas, once we've read the Christmas story, all the gifts are opened, and nearly all of the food consumed, the women in our family like to visit while we do a craft. This year my sister Karen brought an antique button bracelet craft for us to assemble.

If you would like to make a similar bracelet you will need:

  1. 20-25 buttons
  2. 20-24 inches of 1/8" elastic
  3. 20-25 medium safety pins
  4. 40-50 small beads
  5. 40-50 pony beads

Step 1: Put one button at the end of our safety pin. Then add 2-3 small beads to keep button at the end of the safety pin.
Safety pins with buttons and pony beads laid out to be threaded.

Step 2: Cut two equal lengths of elastic, both slightly longer than your wrist. Thread one piece of elastic through the circular end of the safety pin. Thread the other piece of elastic through the closed, pin end of the safety pin.

Step 3: Thread one pony bead on each elastic piece. Next, add another safety pin with button to each of the elastics, upside down. Continue in this pattern, adding safety pins with buttons in opposite directions, until you have used all of your safety pins with buttons and the elastics wrap around your entire wrist.

Inside of bracelet.
Step 4: To finish bracelet sew each piece of elastic together at the ends.

Finished product. Great way to display and enjoy your antique buttons!