August 29, 2012

Brown Vintage Apron- Mid 50's


Vintage 50's Apron

Vintage Apron circa Mid 1950's

This delightful little brown gingham apron is very typical of it's era. It is made from simple gingham that was readily available to most sewers. It is a rectangle of fabric hemmed on all four sides. To turn it into the special occasion item that it is, smocking was added at the waistline. Smocking is time consuming, but the reward is well worth it. Note the varied shades of green and the yellow thread used to create the smocking. That also speaks to the era. The pocket has additional detail that is noteworthy. It is pleated and smocked! By pleating the pocket it became more user friendly, by creating greater space in the pocket. The smocking at the top of the pocket prevented the pocket from relaxing and becoming “baggie”. The detail and precise stitches tell me this is a project created by a very fine seamstress. Thanks Helen for your legacy of art and functionality! Love you.

Features of the Era:

  •  Cotton gingham 
  • Machine and hand stitching
  • Smocking