August 14, 2012

Upscaled Thrifted Summer Skirt

Wondering where I've been and why my posts have been lacking as of late? Krista and I took a sister trip to Florida to visit one of our cousins for a few days and enjoyed a little internet respite!

Packing for the trip was quite a feat because we only took carry-ons. Before the trip I had purchased a super cute teal and white floral print skirt at Goodwill, but the skirt was too big. I seem to always find the best stuff at thrift stores, about one size too large, but this skirt was too good to let go so I decided to upscale it!

To upscale it I put the skirt on inside out and pinned the amount I would need to take in at my widest point, about 1 inch at my hips. So as to not lose the shape of the skirt I took 1 inch out of the right side seam the whole way down. The left side seam had a hidden zipper that I didn't want to disturb.

Skirt was this much too big!

I took it in about this much.

Sewn side.

Enjoying the Florida sunshine in my new skirt.
The skirt also served as a great excuse to buy a new necklace at a local boutique. I LOVE jewelry souvenirs. Thanks to Krista for after pics!

My new jewelry!