August 15, 2012

Vintage Apron- Mid 40's

Vintage Apron circa Early 1940's

Its History: This apron was hand made by our matriarch, Helen, previous to her marriage in 1943. The eyelet insets were a fanciful detail. Sheryl and her sisters played with this apron. Amazing that its still in such great shape. Gotta' hand it to Helen, it was created with durability. Wal-Mart could use a lesson or two, eh?

Features of the Era: The main features of the era shown in this apron include the following...
  • Simplicity
  • Using what was available such as recycled lace
  • Majority of stiching done by hand

During our photo-shoot I realized that my Grandma had signed the cookbook we got out of our mothers cupboard. "Helen 1944"