August 20, 2012

Upscaled Thrifted Dress Slacks

As I mentioned in my last "Upscaled Thrifted" post, I love finding the best brands at a bargain price. Thrift  Stores = Bargain! However, thrift stores don't necessarily mean the best fit. Since I'm quite short, ahem, 5' 0" I often need to hem my slacks.

I found these Banana Republic dress slacks at Goodwill for $3.69 and knew they would be a wonderful addition to my young professional work wardrobe with only miner work from me.

Banana Republic slacks from Goodwill.

I needed to hem them about 3".
I decided not to add a cuff to the bottom of the slacks once they were completed because I think it makes short girls look shorter. Instead I decided to hem them very close to the edge of the slacks, making them less formal but more versatile in my opinion.

Completed slacks. Also thrifted the jacket and shoes and made the scarf!

New hem line.