September 1, 2012

Upscaled Thrifted Fall Skirt

Why do I always find the cutest bottoms at thrift stores that are shaped like boxes??? I mean, shouldn't women's clothes be shaped for women's hips?

So much extra space in the back!
Even though this skirt was a little boxy it was also good quality, fit really well everywhere else, and I couldn't pass it up. So I decided to add a few simple darts in the back.

Fits so much better with a few pins!
I measured about an inch out from the tag to make the darts so that I knew they where equally spaced. I made the top/thickest part of the dart about a quarter inch wide and took the dart all the way down to the lower yoke of the skirt. (You may notice the first dart I made, on the left, which was too short and made my butt look like a box. I fixed that by making the dart a little longer.)

Finished skirt with darts.

Lovely new fall ensemble.

Darts look original!

Great new addition to my work wardrobe.