December 1, 2013

Cookie Day

One of my favorite family traditions is Cookie Day. Me, my mom, her sisters, my sister, and our cousins all get together around Thanksgiving for a cookie exchange. And the men usually find there way to the family farm for a little hunting leaving us to our vices.

My mom makes sugar cookies ahead of time, which the cousins frost, while my aunts bake up the cookie dough they brought. The cousins get really crafty when it comes to decorating the sugar cookies and turn out some pretty realistic gingerbread men!

This snowman is SO COLD he literally turned blue!

One of the newer and easier cookies we have been making are Thin Mints (a favorite of mine!) In a double boiler we melted chocolate and shortening and added some peppermint oil. Then we dipped a Ritz cracker into the chocolate mixture, spooned it out, and let it dry. We even used the fun snowflake shape for kicks, and because they are the same price as circles. You'll never spend $39.99 on a box of Thin Mints again. You're welcome!