April 7, 2013

Young Professional Blazer Re-Fashion

A while back my friend Jennie, from 2 Girls in 2 Cities, suggested I do a blazer re-fashion. I loved the idea (and pictures she sent) and immediately began hunting for the perfect blazer on my all-to-regular trips to my favorite thrift stores. I was thrilled when I found this royal blue Ralph Lauren blazer and knew it was THE ONE for my project.

Sad, over-sized blazer, your days are numbered!

Needless to say I was really excited for the chance to wear my newly upscaled blazer while I was in Chicago over the weekend for a work conference. And BONUS, I was able to meet up with Jennie for a quick chat and photo shoot! It was so nice to catch up with her and play with her new camera; it had been far too long. Check out her outfit post here.

We accidentally coordinated blazers!
To re-fashion my blazer I removed the buttons from the sleeves and ran a thread from the bottom of the sleeve up to the elbow on both the outside and inside seams. I like the scrunched sleeve trend and it was a quick and easy fix. I also took the blazer in a few inches at the side seams for a more fitted look. I have to admit though, this project was a learning experience for me as it was my first time sewing on silk. I used a needle that was far too dull and made tiny little wholes in my material and perforated my lining. Lesson learned, ALWAYS use the sharpest needles when sewing on silk.

Finished product!