December 14, 2011

Plaid Skirt: Wardrobe Update

I recently decided to spice up my wardrobe with a new skirt to wear to some of my up coming fall and winter events. I used one of my mother's old patterns because older patterns seem to fit me better and the style was classic.

My mother's pattern.
I used a woven plaid print for the skirt; it was my first time sewing with a plaid. My Aunt Karen, Helen's oldest daughter, taught me to aline the plaids before cutting out the pattern pieces by sticking a pin through the middle of the plaid.

Pin at cross section of plaid.
Then she flipped over the material and make sure the pin exited at the same location of the plaid as it entered.

Pin through cross section of both layers.
Adjust accordingly and pin material in place before cutting out your pattern.

Secure both layers once aligned.

Finished product!