January 1, 2012

Paul's Present

Paul and I are on a Christmas budget this year, so I decided to bulk up his Christmas gift by making him a pair of fleece pajama pants. (I got the hint that this would be a good gift when he started wearing mine around the house, even though they were too short!)

My pajama pants

I used my pajama pants as a pattern, since I already knew that they were wide enough around, and added about 5-6" to the bottom. First I folded my pants so I could lay and cut out each corresponding panel, at my mother's suggest. Since she wasn't with me in person she recommended this website for help with the panel concept.

Cutting the pajama fronts.

The fabric is folded in half, so I cut both right and left front panels at one time, as seen above. This panel piece should NOT be on the fold and DON'T FORGET to add extra length if necessary.

Cutting right and left back panels.
Front and back panels, cut.
Once I had all four pieces cut out I sewed the right front and back panels together at the inner seam, right sides together, and the left front and back panels together at the inner seams, right sides together. Then, with right sides together, I sewed the right and left legs together at the inseam. Next I sewed the outer seams closed. About 2 1/2 inches down from the front inseam I made a small button hole on each side of the seam with my sewing machine. To finish the project I made a one inch casing around the top of the pants and used the button holes to thread the draw string through and hemmed the pants.
Me and Paul in our pj's!