January 2, 2012

Apple App Review

Hello Blog Readers,

Krista here. My sister, Marissa, found this amazing app! I just had to blog about it and let you all know! Its called "Go Try It On" Here is what the app looks like when you search for it.

Go Try It On Logo
Basic Idea: The idea of this app is to critique others outfits and have your outfits critiqued as well. You can upload pictures and other users will give you advice such as suggesting a different belt or shoe choice. I personally love it because it allows me to see what other REAL women look like, and think about my outfit. I'm SO over magazines that are only made for 6 foot 100 pound women.

Main Screen

Main Screen: When you first open the app it had four main options to click on; upload, to-do's, featured stylists, and browse. Obviously "upload" is where you can post your own photos. To-Do's is the area where people who have chosen you as one of their stylists can ask you to take a look at their specific outfit. You can either click "wear it," "change it," or leave a comment.

Other Great Features:
  • When uploading a picture there is a blur tool that can be used to blur your face. This helps ensure privacy.
  • When you find another user with a style similar to yours you can ask them to be our stylist.
  • This app can connect to Facebook if you please!