December 10, 2011

Christmas Stockings

My next project is Christmas stockings to match my new Christmas tree skirt. I started by tracing an old stocking. You can do the same thing, just remember to add 5/8" for a seam allowance.

Stocking cut out.
I chose a busy print, so I wanted to add cuffs to embroder our names on. If you also choose to add a functional cuff you will want to make sure that it is slightly wider than the stocking itself and that the material is doubled over.

Stockings with cuffs.

Before sewing embroder the cuffs as desired. I embrodered our names on the cuffs in red and green.

Embroidering the cuffs.

Once I finished embrodering the cuffs I sewed them at the side seams, right sides together. I also sewed the stocking panels, right sides together, and turned them right side out. Then I pressed both the cuff and stocking seams. Next I ironed 1/4" of the raw edge (top) of the cuff to the back and 1/4" of the raw edge (top) of the stocking to the front. With the cuff on top of the stocking top stich 1/8" from the top. DON'T FORGET TO ADD A HANGER!

Sewing cuffs to stockings.