December 2, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

This is my first Christmas at my own place, with my own Christmas tree and decorations, so naturally I would need a Christmas tree skirt. I was fortunate enough to find a tree skirt lining and a large piece of holly print material in my mother's sewing room. I used the lining as a pattern for the holly print. Once both the top and bottom were cut out I ironed the seams open and sewed the right sides together leaving a small opening to pull the material through.

Skirt lining.
Skirt top.
Then I pulled the material through the opening, turning the right side out, and ironed the seam.

Ironing the seam.
Next I pinned ribbon loops along the slit in the skirt. I top stitched around the whole skirt, up the slit, and closed the opening left for turning.

Top stiching along the outside of the skirt.
Now all the skirt needs is three decorative buttons alined with the ribbon loops to create the closure.

Finished product!

Our beautiful Christmas tree.