October 11, 2013

Cute Lil' Pumpkin

Well aren't these little guys cute?

This is a nice economical craft for any age. These pumpkins are really made of a fat quarter of fabric, some raffia, a scrap of green fabric or a silk leave and a piece of twisted paper bag or a stick from the yard, (and here is the trick)a roll of toilet paper.
Start by gathering your supplies. Any fabric will work. I think realistic pumpkin colors are most pleasing. The cheaper rolls of toilet paper fit the fat quarter of fabric better. Set the fabric in the center of the fabric, and tuck the fabric into the center of the roll of paper. I like to manipulate the fabric a little to eliminate clumps. When that is accomplished you insert your raffia, stick/twisted piece of bag and a silk leaf or a scrap of green fabric. I was recently able to apply this same principal to a gift wrap situation here.

This pumpkin still needs a little attention to the fabric distribution to look its best.
This is a great decoration for someone that doesn't have room to store seasonal decorations. We also found that it was a nice little decoration for a hospital room while our father was there for a lengthy stay. I hope you will get crafty and try this seasonal craft yourself.