October 6, 2013

Crafty Wrapping

Sometimes we put one thing off for a while because we have other things screaming for attention at that moment, and then the first thing also becomes a crisis. YIKES!! Well recently I accepted an invitation to a surprise 70th birthday party. I was looking forward to it and put it on the calendar, then life took over. On the day of the party I decided that an appropriate gift should be acquired THAT day at some point prior to the party. Good idea, hunh? Well the gift was for a recent widower that is still working as a over the road truck driver. I decided that a tub-o-peanuts was what we would give him. Well just exactly how do you wrap that? Then I thought of an old trick that I have used before. (story for another day) So I gathered my supplies and set to work. Can you guess what I did?


I gathered some orange fabric, floral tape, a random silk leaf, and some paper shred.

I set the jar of peanuts in the center of the fabric and pulled it up around the jar. I secured the ends of the fabric with the floral tape, to make it look like a stem. Then I added the piece of paper shred to mimic a tendril from the pumpkin vine and finished by pinning the leaf near the stem and was ready to head out the door with a nicely wrapped gift in hand. Well that didn't turn out so bad for NO pre-planning, and the birthday party really did turn out to be a surprise.