October 21, 2013


I love bestiest, crafts, and Sunday afternoons. My absolute favorite, all three combined!

This weekend I had a Skype craft date with Stephanie. She worked on hand painting Christmas ornaments and I worked on making polymer clay rose jewelry I originally saw on Pinterest.

For this craft I purchased one package of emerald FIMO polymer clay, one package of gold earring posts and backs, and one package of gold jump rings. I began by breaking little pieces of clay off the larger block, warming it in my hands, and rolling it into petals. Then I molded the petals together forming a rose and cut the excess clay off the bottom of the flower.

I was amazed at how many items I was able to make from one package of clay! I made eight small roses and seven large roses. After the flowers were made I attached the jump rings to the back of the large roses to turn them into necklace pendants. Then I baked them up quickly and they turned out beautiful, although a little bit darker than they appeared before they were baked.

The final step after baking the roses was to the glue earring posts onto the back of the smaller roses and slide my large rose pendants onto a necklace chain.

I enjoyed this craft and loved how the final product turned out! It can be as quick and easy as you make it, I was a bit of a perfectionist and took a few hours to perfectly form my roses. 

The most difficult part of this project was attaching the jump rings to the back of the large roses without smashing the flowers. My fingers turned a nice shade of green and I couldn't keep my fingerprints out of the clay, but I would definitely do this project again!