August 27, 2013

My Polka Dot Refashion

I found this polka dot shirt during my recent trip to a Goodwill Outlet and loved the pattern. In fact, it reminded me of a shirt I already owned and loved. The great thing about the thrifted shirt is that it can easily be worn spring through fall.

My previously owned shirt next to my newly thrifted shirt.
But, it was also a bit too large. To tailor the shirt I put it on inside out and pinned the side and arm sleeves closer to my body. Then I averaged the length, sewed, and serged the side and arm seams.

So much pinning!

I really liked how the final product turned out. This outfit is a fun twist on this summer's black and white trend with a few bright pops of color and can easily transition into fall.

What transition pieces will you be wearing into fall?