August 19, 2013

First Day of Work Outfit

What better way to explore your new city than to check out its thrift shops?! Plus I could buy with the excuse that I needed a new outfit for my first day at my new job...

This multi-colored top was one of my last purchases at my favorite Goodwill in my home state and totaled $3.69 plus tax. This skirt was my first purchase at the nearby Goodwill in my new state and totaled $4.29 plus tax. I could not have been happier with how well the two worked together. To complete my first day of work outfit I purchased a bubble necklace from the American Etsy shop J. Girls Jewels.

*Shoes (Payless) and sweater (TJ Maxx) previously owned.

As I checked out of my new, local Goodwill I overhead the cashier asking the gentleman in front of me in he had a rewards card. To my shear delight I learned that Goodwills in this area have a FREE rewards card, color tag themed sales, and sales on specific days of the week!

I know where you'll find me next weekend! What kind of promotions do your favorite thrift stores offer?