November 4, 2012

Jeans that FIT!

Shopping for jeans is difficult, every woman knows that! When I finally find that perfect pair they are always 5"-6" too long! Apparently more than one woman has the same problem because today's post is a reader request.

Stephanie asked me, "Is there a way to hem your jeans and keep the original hem?" There sure is, and it's pretty simple too!

First, cut off the original hem, leaving about 1/2" of denim above the seam. Then cut off the desired amount of denim at the bottom of the jeans. Re-attach original hem by sewing hem to jeans, right sides together, as closely to the original hem as possible. There should be a 1/2" seam allowance. If you chose you can also serge this seam to make it as strong as possible.

For example, if you wanted to hem your jeans 5" you would cut off the original hem (about 1/2") and another 1/2" of material above it. Then cut off 4 1/2" from the pants. When you sew your original hem back on it will add the additional 1/2" of material making your finished product 5" shorter.

Re-Attached Original Hem.

Serged Seam Inside.

Finished Product!