November 15, 2012

Camo. for Opening Day!

Many of you have probably seen a similar clothing remodel on our blog but this one is VERY special because it's camouflage and Paul is going to wear it on OPENING DAY, which is a holiday of its own in our house! Paul purchased this shirt for himself, a few sizes too large, because it was on sale and he had faith in my tailoring ability.

Far Too Wide

Extra Large In The Belly

And Too Big In The Sleeves
First I had Paul put the shirt on inside out and then I pinned in the sides and arms until the shirt was fitted to him. Thankfully the sleeves weren't too long so I left the cuffs as they were and eased the into the inch I was taking out of the arms. When I rounded the armpit corner I widened my seams to take in the sides two inches. I took the two inches out in a straight line so the bottom of the shirt was smaller than the original.

Paul Modeling

Pinned Arm Seam

Sewing An Arm
Then, because so much material was being taken in and the original seams were serged, I serged the seams.

Doesn't He Look GREAT?!