November 8, 2012

Chemo Cap

When my mother-in-law Wendy was diagnosed with cancer we were all devastated. Like any "do-er" I wanted a way to help, so I was happy to get to work when she asked me if I could make a few chemo caps for her. Wendy found an amazing and simple cap that was easy to replicate. She and I were both very pleased with them so I thought that I would share my pattern with you all.

Wendy and I went fabric shopping to find the softest jersey knit that would feel smooth on her scalp and not irritate her skin. Then I grabbed some news paper and traced a coffee can (about 7" in diameter) and a rectangle 22" x 14". Using the newspaper pattern I cut out the jersey knit. Next I sewed up the 14" side seam of the rectangle, right sides together. Finally I folded the rectangle piece in half, wrong sides together, and serged the circular top to the rectangular bottom. This will allow for the bottom half to be folded up or left down, based on your preference. This basic cap could be accented with a floral hair accessory or also worn as a night cap.

And, Wendy beat her cancer. PRAISE JESUS!