July 13, 2014

Crafts with Krista

This weekend I went to Michigan to spend time with my sister and she had a fun craft planned for us, state art! First we went to Michael's to get scrapbook paper that coordinated with our decor then we went to Ikea (!) to get frames.

Krista printed out our states, Michigan and Indiana, on copy paper. We cut our states out and traced them backward on glitter paper.

It was very important to double check and make sure that the states were traced BACKWARD onto the glitter paper so the glitter would be face up and the state correctly oriented. Then we cut out our states and a heart in a coordinating color.

Next we glued the states and hearts onto the backgrounds.

Some masking tape, pop the hangers on, and replace the back. Craft complete!

Once I was back home I eagerly hung my new art. I chose to do two states, one for both places I have lived as a married lady.

This was a super simple project with big impact that anyone could do. I would highly recommend you give it a try! (Please ignore our dinosaur television, it just won't quit!)