January 1, 2014

Simple Bed Makeover

A while back Krista started to makeover our childhood bedroom. She painted the walls and as much trim as she was allowed and Mom made new window treatments and purchased new bedding. But the room wasn't quite complete.

While I was home for Christmas break I made a few pillows to tie the whole look together. Its amazing how a few simple pillows can make all the difference in a bedroom!

Small Pillows

I wanted to take the easy way out and top stitch the pillow closed, don't tell my 4-H leader, so I decided to also top stitch the bottom end of the pillow for a uniform look.

Bottom of pillow

Once the small pillows were stuffed and sewn together (no small feat) I started on the larger pillows.

I really like the completed look and best of all it was very quick and inexpensive! Now all we need to do is paint the bedframes white.