January 31, 2014

Goodwill Outlet Strikes Again!

My best friend is visiting me from out of state and I've been busy showing her all of the local sights including the Goodwill Outlet, of course!

We were there for a few hours and our husband were quite patient, for the most part, while we scoured the bins. And it was well worth every minute! My haul included a few books (The Modern Girl's Guide to Life, The MacGregor Brides, The Complete Garden Guide, The Complete Guide to Windows and Doors, and Atlas of Wine,) a Pampered Chef apple peeler, water proofing shoe spray, wrapping paper, Battle of the Sexes board game, sandals, an Ann Taylor Loft tank, an Ann Taylor Loft capris, a pink hanger, a tie, a Mossimo flannel button up shirt, and an Aerie spring jacket. I got everything picture here for only $10.83.

These heels were by far my favorite find of the day and they still have the T J Maxx tags in them. I only had to fight off a few people for them. ;)