January 7, 2014

Bling Bling Nail Art

Today is my SECOND adult snow day IN A ROW! Today I decided to use my extra time to pamper myself. I got these nail stickers and new Ulta polish (Ultra Violet Femme) for Christmas and was very excited to try them out!

After my nails were painted and dry I simply followed the instructions on the nail stickers package, putting the correct size sticker on the appropriate nail and filing off the excess.

I like the finished look of the nails, but wasn't entirely happy with how the stickers conformed to the shape of my nails. I think a design with less "rhinestones" would lay more nicely.


I ended up removing this nail art within the first 24 hours. No matter how many layers of clear nail polish I put on top of the rhinestone stickers they caught on EVERYTHING. I would not use these again, definitely not worth the time and energy.