February 11, 2012

Wedding Cards

I just got my first of MULTIPLE wedding invitations in the mail today and was talking to my mother about inexpensive wedding gift options. She is a wonderful stamper and offered to make a "card kit" for me like the sample card below.
Sample card.
I enjoy stamping but find it a little overwhelming so I was very excited that she was willing to make a kit for me. Once I got home I eagerly started stamping with the pre-cut paper below.

Contence of "card kit."

I started by folding the 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" piece of white paper in half. This served as the card base that I built the card front on.

Card base.
Next I added a purple layer and glued it in place.

Purple background layer.
I don't have the textured presses that my mother has, so these came pre-pressed in my kit. (I'm spoiled, I know!) For this step I punched slots at the top and bottom of the purple textured section.

Hole punch textureed layer.
Then I threaded ribbon through the slots and tied it off to make a cute accent for the front of the card.

Add textured layer to top of purple background.

I used Stampin' Up! Together Forever stamp set and made a floral background.

Floral background.

Next I layered the floral piece on a purple background.

Layer floral ground on purple.
I also stamped a phrase for the front of the card and layered it a purple paper as well.

Sentiment for card front.

Finally I layered the floral piece and phrase on top of textured card front and glued everything down. Voila! I love my version of my mother's wedding card. Stay tuned for wedding gift crafts!

Finished card!