February 23, 2012

Lessons Learned...

We still had a bit of fabric left after the great no sew vest, so we continued with our ideas from Pintrest. We saw an awsome no sew scarf here that we wanted to try with the rest of the fabric.
We decided to try a little spin on the pattern that we read, and tried various size plates as patterns. We cut two circles of each of the three sizes. That seemed like a good idea and we thought that we would end up with a nice full scarf.

Just like the instructions say we started cutting the fabric in a spiral. So far so good... What we didn't realize was that we should have been cutting a little wider strips. We cut around a one and half inch strip. You will be able to see that was too narrow and a two inch strip would have made a much fuller scarf and been more pleasing to us.
You can not really see in the picture that we took the strips to the sewing machine and ran a quick line of stiching in the middle of the back of the scarf where all of the strips meet. We just had to sew something. To complete that step we wrapped a strip of fabric over the stitching and tucked in the ends.
Here is the finished product. We are only 5 feet tall so this is a little long for us. We ended up trimming the ends a bit shorter. What we learned is cut the strips a full two inches wide and that the different size plates was a good idea. I hope you will give this a try.