February 12, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

On on blustry winter Sunday afternoon what else would a crafty girl and her mama do but look through the fabric stash? Marissa and Sheryl got together to make sure no good fabric was left untouched. We all have been on Pintrest (like so many others) seeing really cute things that we CAN do. We had pinned this really cute 5 minute draped vest. Thank you Wobisobi for the great tutorial!!
She gives directions on how to create this really cute draped vest from a man's XL tee shirt. We didn't have a tee shirt but we DID have yardage. This was a really nice plum colored piece of jersey left over from another project that just needed to be used. Knits come in about 54-60 inch width. This piece was the end of the bolt so the price was reduced for this 2/3 of a yard (24 inch)cut. Bonus!! We folded the yardage in half and cut the circular opening in the center that would be equal to what is trimmed out of the neck of a tee shirt. We weren't sure how big of a circle to cut so we just grabbedd a saucer to use as a guide. It turns out for a 5 ft. tall woman about an 8 inch circle works really well. It is better to make it a little small in the beginning and cut it a little larger if needed.

Here is what it looked like after we cut the circle from the folded edge of the yardage. We are ALL DONE!! That is really ALL there is to making this sweet little no sew 5 minute draped vest. No sewing because a knit will not ravel. This nice jersey or a tee shirt knit will curl on the edges some and that makes the drape flow very nicely.
Here are the views of the back and front of the vest. The drape is so feminine and lovely. I want to make another! Stay tuned for the next post of what we did to make sure that we used all of our fabric. We don't want to waste any of this beautiful rich color and texture. See you soon with the next project!!