May 27, 2014

Braid Challenge

I have had a bit more free time this late spring and early summer (SO GLAD THAT I FINALLY FINISHED THOSE DIAPERS!) so I decided to participate in another side-by-side challenge hosted by 2 Girls in 2 Cities. This month's challenge was braids, which was fitting since I find braids especially challenging. 

You're probably thinking "What? Braids? Challenging?" Here's the story ladies. My mama has naturally curly hair and doesn't know how to braid hair or how to teach me. I spent nearly every morning of elementary school sitting backward on the toilet set while my mother ripped the infamous topsy tail through my hair. #ouch #ninetieskid

In preparation for this challenge I tried many styles and even enlisted the help of a kind co-worker. In the end I decided on a simple and classic braid that even a beginner can handle, AKA me!

I started by back combing a few sections of hair at the crown of my head. Then I gathered my hair into a simply ponytail with an elastic band.

Next I braided a small section of hair from the bottom side of my ponytail, securing the ends with a small elastic.

Finally I wrapped the braid around the ponytail, covering the elastic, and used bobby pins to secure the braid. I really like how quick and easy this braid was, plus it was far less painful than a topsy tail!

If you liked this simple braid tutorial stop back by on Thursday to see what the other ladies were able to do!