March 20, 2013

Robin Gift


I have an amazing sister. I'd just like to let you all know. How amazing you ask? When I was a freshman in college my sister sent me the below package in the middle of winter. The "yet-to-be-named" gift stated: in the spring, only when you have heard the first robin sing! And when you really need a lift, only then can you open the gift

Inside was this brightly colored paper lantern which I used to decorate my dorm room!

Since then we have exchanged "robin gifts" upon occasion when we find something inexpensive that the other sister just has to have.

I was recently in one of my favorite gift shops, Daphne's Custom Gifts & Framing, and found this year's "robin gift" for Krista. While I was there I also saw the same basket that I gave to my flower girls to carry at my wedding and had to purchase one for myself!

What do you do when winter gets too long and you don't have anything to look forward to?