February 17, 2013

Upscale Sweater Skirt and Coastal Glasses

I can't tell you all how long I've been looking for the perfect sweater to upscale/refashion into a skirt. I had countless matching sweater and sweater skirt sets as a child and LOVE that they are in fashion again!

We're we cute?!
Needless to say I was THRILLED when I found this sweater skirt because it took a lot less work to upscale and was adorable.
Before: Does this skirt says 90's mom to anyone else?!
I did a lot of reading up on sewing on knits before I began this project because I didn't want it to unravel when I cut off the extra length. In the end I used my rotary cutter to make a clean cut.
Cutting off a few inches.
Next I serged the unfinished edge using two needles and four threads. Finally I turned up an inch and sewed the hem down using a stretch stitch.
Serged and ready to be hemmed.
I love how the finished product turned out. I styled my newly upscaled sweater skirt with a bright cardi, dark tights, boots, and my new glasses from Coastal.com and was ready for date night with my husband.
Finished product.

New hem line, much higher!
I recently ordered these glasses from Coastal.com FOR FREE because they were my first purchase. I only had to pay for shipping and handling! I suggest you check them out.
Free glasses from Coastal.com